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Our Keepsake Jewellery

Our keepsake jewellery is available in a variety of finishes and styles from our traditional & contemporary range to our nature inspired collection. The pendants may be worn or displayed in a glass dome. The pendants can hold a small amount of cremated remains or a lock of hair of your loved one. Our Brass & Pewter pendants start at €95.00, our Sterling Silver pendants start at €140.00, our Stainless Steel pendants start at €70.00 and our Titanium pendants start at €195.00.

Picture for category Traditional & Contemporary

Our traditional line features the original pendant designs of the Round Heart, Cross and Rectangle pendants. We have added new designs each year to meet the needs of family members. This expanded selection appeals to many different faiths, age groups and genders. This line includes various styles of pendants suitable for everyday wear. Our designs may be worn on a key chain, charm bracelet or necklace chain.


Picture for category Filigree Collection

Our Filigree Collection is designed to replicate old world art in the form of jewellery. The intricate detail of the filigree design appeals to those requesting a unique antique style. Black enamel has been applied to define the detailed scroll-work of each pendant. The back of these designs are smooth for engraving if desired. The pendants are available in sterling silver and 14k gold.



Picture for category Nature Inspired

Our Nature Inspired Collection is designed with the nature and animal lover in mind. These beautifully handcrafted pendant sea turtles, dolphins, doves and hand painted butterflies are easily filled and sealed. They can hold a loved one's cremated remains or a lock of hair. Our nature designed pendants are a lovely way to remember a departed family member. All are available in sterling silver and 14k gold. 


Picture for category Stainless Steel Jewellery

Stainless steel jewellery, though unknown to many, is nevertheless a growing niche of jewellery. Our stainless steel pendant selection is both versatile and durable. Stainless steel is a naturally hard alloy that can handle a lot of wear and tear. All pendants can be filled and engraved. They also include a stainless steel chain.


Picture for category Titanium

Our Titanium keepsake pendants and bracelets offer not only striking design, but amazing wearability for both men and women. As lightweight as they are lustrous, these beautiful pieces are crafted from highly durable titanium. Prized for its health benefits and its long-lasting beauty, titanium is non-magnetic and hypoallergenic, which makes this unique material ideal for everyday wear.

Picture for category Micro Lens Fillable Pendants

We offer two styles of Micro Lens pendants that can be filled. The bronze heart and the large sterling silver cross have a small engraved lens implanted into the pendant for viewing of family photos, prayers, poems or any other personal memories. The implanted lens magnifies its engraving 160 times to make reading text or viewing a photo possible. The image can be viewed by holding the pendant to your eye and looking through the 3mm lens.

Picture for category Display Domes

We offer silver display domes. The domes offer a safe place to store the pendant when not being worn. They were also designed for families who prefer not to wear the pendants. The domes instead show the pendants as small keepsake urns hanging in the dome. Both the glass and the dome bottom can be engraved.

Picture for category Chains And Cords

We offer two styles of sterling silver chains with a lobster claw clasp, our 24 inch box chain (square link) and our 20 inch snake chain (rounded link). We also offer a 24 inch Black Satin Cord choker.

We offer two styles of stainless steel chains, our Anker chain which comes in two lengths either 20 inch or 24 inch and our Five Wire Torc.